Digital Business Leadership: Mastering Social Media Activities and Leading Digital Transformation

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Course Details


• Assessing digital technologies and identifying those that will help the organisation address marketplace challenges and customer needs
• Introducing digital technologies into the organisation with the support of leadership and so they are accepted by employees
• Using social media and digital to resolve customer problems and build conversations and on-going relationships around brand, products and service
• Developing deep customer and employee insights through analysis of digital data
• Managing brand identity and reputation online through marketing and PR campaigns that deliver business benefits
• Engaging employees through social media and building a collaborative and high performance internal culture
• Effectively measuring digital outcomes and demonstrating the benefits to leadership.


Introductions & Review of Experiences
• Pre-training assessment to give a benchmark for evaluating effectiveness of training programme
• SWOT review of experiences of online recruitment
• Opening exercise: personal and team goal setting for the training programme
Marketplace Challenges & Customer Needs
• Assessing emerging technologies and automation
• Responding to emerging competitors and digital disrupters
• Articulating who customers are and the benefits of digital transformation
• Creating two-way relationships that increase customer satisfaction
Organisational Leadership and Decision Making
• Introducing digital transformation into hierarchical organisations
• Shifting employees to a digital mindset through autonomy, mastery and purpose
• Essential digital skills for leaders
• Creating then executing a digital strategy
Benefits of Social Media and Digital Technologies
• Collaboration across the organisation
• Improved customer satisfaction
• Improved employee engagement and motivation
• Improved brand value and reputation
Starting with Social Media
• Using social media to identify and resolve customer problems
• Continuing conversations and building relationships over time
• Choosing platforms and apps for engaging, influencing and inspiring audiences
• Planning social media customer campaigns
Creating Ongoing Customer Touchpoints
• Developing meaningful conversations around brand, products and service
• Introducing customer generated content where people can share experiences and support each other
• Using a story hub to build deep loyalty
• Building customer communities
Using Data to Understand Customers
• Behaviours, spending patterns, what doing well, what not doing well as a business
• Analysing social conversations versus analysing transactional data
• Using data for forward planning and decision making
The Investment Required
• Training to improve social media engagement skills
• Essential infrastructure & the operating model
• Growing the customer service team
• Talent management and personal development
Developing and Managing Brand Identity Online
• Elements of a brand: logo block, strapline, typefaces, typography, colours, tone of voice, photographic style, grids
• Reproducing the brand online: words, images, design, video, audio
• Maintaining brand identity: putting your culture and identity into words, explaining the brand to different audiences
• Policing the brand online: ensuring consistency, finding champions to keep you on-brand
Digital Marketing and Public Relations
• Advertising & sponsorship
• Media relations & event management
• Government, regulators, opinion formers & influencers
• Community relations & CSR
New Product Development
• Soliciting customer ideas and feedback
• Involving customers in trials and launches
• Social media as an effective unfiltered focus group
• Crowdsourcing ideas from the internet
Creating Integrated PR Campaigns
• Social media’s place in a comprehensive marketing plan that includes broadcast, print, direct mail and face2face activities
• Creating a nine step social media route-map that ensures the social media campaign delivers business benefits
• Messaging that works across multiple channels and drives traffic to your ultimate destination
• Creating content that can be adapted for different media and channels
Introducing Social Media for Internal Collaboration
• Pros and cons of the most popular social media apps for employee engagement
• Ensuring apps become well used and useful
• Providing training so employees have the knowledge and confidence to use social media apps
• Management tools to ensure employees use social media responsibly
Creating Internal Social Media Content
• Choosing between the wide variety of tools to create social media content including blogs, slides, video, infographics, quizzes and podcasts
• Tips to create engaging content employees find interesting, relevant and useful
• Creating an emotional connection with humour, human interest and storytelling
• Ensuring relevance with breaking news, experiences and personal exchanges
Capitalising on Employees’ Social Influence
• When word of mouth and personal relationships are most effective
• Helping employees to become effective social media ambassadors
• Motivating employees so they continue to be active ambassadors
• Determining the impact of word of mouth.
Using Social Media for Recruitment
• Choosing between the raft of social media recruitment options
• Creating social media recruitment content
• Maximising recruitment efforts on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc
• Improving the application process on the company website
Diagnostic Tools
• Customer measures – engagement, feedback, etc
• Financial measures – return on investment
• Business measures – site traffic, query handling, awareness, etc
• Brand and reputation research
Reviewing Digital Activities
• Reviewing messages and content creation
• Auditing digital channel performance
• Benchmarking against other organisations and industry sectors
• Refreshing the digital strategy and activities

Who Should Attend ?

Digital Business Leadership training course will benefit business leaders and professionals who wish to use social media and other digital technologies for customer service, branding, recruitment, talent management and employee engagement


august 7 (Monday) - 11 (Friday)




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Event Area Sanitized
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