Laboratory Instruments Calibrations and Troubleshooting Techniques

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Calibrate and troubleshoot the major instruments used in laboratory including gas chromatography, mass spectrometry, liquid chromatography and inductively coupled plasma
Carryout sampling and sample handling in a correct manner
Demonstrate proper procedures of troubleshooting in case of errors
Explain the basic and meaning of calibrating each instrument
Run the different types of samples associated with work


o GC, GC/MS, LC, ICP etc.
Relationship of Metrology and Calibration to Quality System
o Methodologies for a Calibration Program
o Metrology Glossaries
o International Definitions
o ISO 9000 Quality System
o Error, Accuracy, Precision
o Measurement Uncertainty
o Measurement Process
o Calibration Control System
o Measurement Assurance Process (MAP)
o Statistical Process Control (SPC)
o Check Standards in SPC
o Standard Reference Materials
o Quality / Reliability Goals
o Risk Management
o Calibration System-Purpose and Justification
Calibration System
o Government Agencies
o History of Calibration Requirements
o Conforming to International Definitions
o International Standards
o ISO Standard 17025 Requirements: Management System
o Laboratory Procedures
o Corrective and Preventive Action
o Management Review
o Technical
o Laboratory Personnel Job Description
o Test and Calibration Methods
o Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty
o Measurement Traceability
o Sampling
o Reporting of Results
o ISO 9000-Accreditation, Certification, Registration
o Proficiency Testing
Calibration Program and Metrology Management
o Program Manager
o Technical Management
o Quality Manager
o Quality Systems Considerations
o Documentation Requirements
o Calibration Control System
o Quality / Calibration Manual
New Concepts in Metrology
o Measurement Uncertainty
o Measurement Uncertainty Evaluation
o Standard Uncertainty
o Expanded Uncertainty
o Glossary
o Error Sources
o Type A and Type B Error Evaluation
o Confidence Levels
o Measurement Uncertainty Summary
Measurement Assurance
o Inter-Laboratory Testing, Calibration
o Inter-Laboratory Comparison (ILC)
Administrative Considerations in Metrology
o Metrology Personnel: Technicians, Engineers, Management and Support
o Metrology Document Types
o Test and Calibration-Procedures
o Practical Session/Lab Visit
Tools of the Metrology Trade
o Calibration Logistics
o Calibration Intervals
o Calibration Status
o Exclusions from Calibration System
o Tamper Proof Sealing
o Recall System
o Reverse Traceability
Reports, Records, Safety and Equipment Handling
o Calibration Reports: Requirements
o Calibration Records
o ESD Control in the Calibration Laboratory
o Safety Considerations
o Precision Equipment Handling/Storage
o Preventive Maintenance (PM)
o Ethical Considerations

Who Should Attend ?

lab and quality professionals that do not have formal training or experience in gas chromatography or those that want to refresh their current knowledge of gas chromatography. It is also suitable for Environmental Quality Personnel, and fiscal quality inspectors


april 22 (Monday) - 26 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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