Performance Measurements, Continuous Improvement & Benchmarking

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Course Details


• To identify the specific difficulties of controlling shared services.
• To explain the importance and benefits of performance measurement, continuous improvement and benchmarking.
• To explain the vital role that these activities play in helping organizations perform at superior levels.
• To explain how performance measurement, continuous improvement and benchmarking relate to one another.
• To explain methods of generating and implementing effective performance metrics.
• To explain a proven 12 step process improvement methodology.
• To provide an overview of the most common tools and techniques used for continuous process improvement.
• To explain the benefits of benchmarking.
• To explain the vital role that only Benchmarking plays as part of a continuous improvement program.
• To explain in detail the benchmarking process and assist participants to manage and run their own benchmarking studies.
• To give delegates the opportunity to explore the issues raised in the seminar by means of examples, discussion and workshops.


Performance Measurement: The Starting Point for Improvement
• The Trilogy
• The Need for Measurement
• Data Use and Abuse: Using Data Constructively
• Methods of Selecting Performance Measures
• Developing a Framework for Measurement
• Understanding Variation: The key to understanding performance
• What histograms, run charts and control charts tell us about performance
• The Rods Experiment

Continuous Improvement
• Understanding Variation: The Range and Standard Deviation
• The Rods Experiment Part 2: Understanding the Results
• Taking Appropriate Action on a Process: Improvement or Investigation?
• An Introduction to Control Charts: The Key to Taking Appropriate Action
• The Juran Trilogy©
• How to Improve a Process: An Introduction to the 12 step Methodology
• The Power of Teamwork
• Problem and Mission Statements

The Tools of Continuous Improvement
• Understanding and Analyzing a Process: Flow Diagrams
• Identifying causes of problems, and potential solutions: Brainstorming
• Demonstrating the link between a cause and its effect: Cause-Effect diagrams
• Understanding the Process: Quantitative Display Tools (line charts, bar charts and pie charts)
• Selecting the key aspects to focus on: Pareto Analysis
• Investigating Relationships between Variables: Scatter Diagrams and Correlation
• More Advanced investigations: An Introduction to Regression

An Introduction to Benchmarking
• What is benchmarking?
• Why we need to benchmark?
• The Benefits of benchmarking: Why organisations benchmark
• History of benchmarking
• Different Methods of benchmarking and how they relate to each other
• How to identify potential benchmarking projects
• An overview of the benchmarking process
• Advice on selecting your first project

Running a Successful Benchmarking Project
• Scoping a benchmarking study
• Planning and resource scheduling
• Normalising
• Identifying and selecting benchmarking Metrics
• Identifying and selecting benchmarking partners
• Securing benchmarking project support
• Inviting organisations to join the benchmarking study
• The Invitation Pack: What it is, why we need it, and how it’s used
• Participant meetings: Planning and running effective meetings to attain the aims of the study
• Data capture:
o Generating clear data collection schemes
o The Help Desk
o Coping with problems
o Data validation
• Data analysis and reporting: the starting point for improvement
• The Improvement phase
• Running effective Best Practice Forums
• Benchmarking project management
• Management support activities
• Codes of conduct
• Legal issues
• Independent facilitation and benchmarking clubs

Who Should Attend ?

General Managers
Operational Managers
Maintenance Managers
Maintenance & Reliability Engineers
Technical managers & supervisors
Quality Managers


february 19 (Monday) - 23 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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