Polymers Production And Processing

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This programme provides a bird’s eyevision about the methods to produce different typologies of polymers and about the processing techniquesused to obtain valuable finished products.


• Explanation about the terminology used
• Classification of the polymers
• Most common polymers and their application
• Polymer characterization
• Stress-strain curve

Polymer constitution conformation and configuration:
• Polymer morphology
• Polymer crystallinity
• Molar mass distribution
• Degree of polymerization
• Polymer in solution

Glass transition temperature:
• Viscoelasticity
• Melt flow index
• Polymerization
• Addition vs Condensation polymerization
• Chain-growth vs Step-growth polymerization
• Suspension polymerization
• Solution polymerization
• Emulsion polymerization
• Bulk polymerization

Polymer blending:
• Polymer processing methods
• Extrusion process
• Moulding process (injection moulding blow moulding rotational moulding)
• Calendering
• Compounding
• Thermoforming

Production of reinforced resins:
• Filament winding
• Pultrusion
• Polymer functionalization
• Polymer degradation and environmental issues

Who Should Attend ?

Trainee process engineers, specialists, polymer engineers, material engineers chemical engineers process, engineers, chemists, operators, managers and other professionals working within the Polymer industry that needs to build, broaden or update their knowledge about polymer science and technology.


may 6 (Monday) - 10 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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