Procurement and Supply Chain Management Best Practices

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Course Details


• Review the meaning of strategic procurement
• Be given examples of best practices in procurement and the supply chain
• Review how to obtain best pricing
• Be taught how to develop spend analysis
• Develop a functional and cross functional view of the supply chain
• See that better working with all of the supply chain players pays
• Consider Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)


Module I – Procurement Best Practices
Seeing Procurement as a Dynamic, Interactive System
• The System Approach vs. the Traditional Functional Approach
• What is the goal of Procurement?
• Developing the Strategic Procurement Plan
• An Overview of the Procurement Process
• Procurement as Part of the Supply Chain
Developing the Strategic Procurement Decisions
• Make / Buy Decision
• Vertical Integration
• Alliances and Partnerships
• Inter-company Trade
• Reciprocity and Counter Trade
• Supplier Strategy
• The Coordination Strategy
• The Purchasing Organisation
Implementing the Tactical Procurement Decisions
• Supplier Involvement
• Value Analysis
• Quality Assurance
• Supplier Selection
• Supplier Rating and Ranking
• Contract Management
• IT Systems and e-Procurement
• Policies and Procedures
• Staffing the Procurement Department
Dealing with Operational Procurement Decisions
• Selecting the most Appropriate Ordering Process
• Addressing Quality Issues
• Follow-up
• Overdue Orders
• Expediting
• The Payment Process
• Reducing the Cost of Procurement: Small Value Purchase Orders
Contingency Procurement Decisions
• The Different Contingency Situations
• Contingency Management
Procurement Performance Measurement
• Spend Analysis
• Total Cost of Ownership
• Supplier Performance Measurement

Module II – Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Understanding Logistics and the Supply Chain
• Definitions of Logistics and Supply Chain Management
• History and the Development
• Understanding the Supply Chain Dynamics
• International and Global Logistics
• Supply Chain Operations Reference Models (SCOR)
• The Theory of Constraints (TOC)
Transportation Economics
• The Role of Transportation in Logistics
• Management Key Decisions
• Types of Mode or Intermodal System
• International Commercial Terms in Transportation and the Liabilities
• Documentation in Transportation
• Hazardous Materials Transportation
Performance, Risk and Warehouse Management
• Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
• Warehouse Management
o Role in the Supply Chain
o Flows
o Equipment Selection
• Supply Chain Risks
o Operational
o Inventory
o Exchange Rates
o Financial
o Disruption
o Security
Procurement in Supply Chain
• The Difference between Procurement and Purchasing
• What is the role of Procurement and Purchasing?
• Support Operational Requirements
• Manage the Procurement Process and the Supply Base
• Develop Strong Relationships with Other Functional Groups
• Team Roles and Responsibilities
Inventory Management
• Statistics in Inventory Management
• Financial in Inventory Management
• Selective Inventory Control Management
• Understanding Inventory Status
• Reducing Excess and Obsolete Inventory
• Improving the Organisation’s Logistics and Supply Chain

Who Should Attend ?

Contracts, Purchasing, and Procurement Personnel
Project, Engineering, Operational, and Maintenance, Personnel who are involved in the planning, and execution of purchases and contracts
Supply, Buying, Purchase, Logistics, Materials and Supply Chain Professionals


june 3 (Monday) - 7 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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