Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Setting Business Goals, Targets & Deliverables

202319junAll Day23Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Setting Business Goals, Targets & Deliverables

Course Details


• Understand how to design visionary strategic plans
• Work out how to translate strategic plans into action plans
• Examine a model for organizational and individual assessment
• Provide insights into strategic planning problems to avoid
• Identify and learn from examples of strategic success and failure
• Understand the nature of the organisational life cycle
• Provide insights into productive contingency planning


The Strategic Planning process – 1
• Introduction to the seminar – structure and content
• Strategy – concept and significance
• “Competitive Positioning” versus “Blue Sky” approaches
• Achieving competitive advantage through flexibility and agility
• The interaction of strategy, structure and business processes
• Gathering information and intelligence for the SWOT analysis
• Mini-cases and group discussion – “Cost versus Differentiation”
• Review of Day One
The Strategic Planning process – 2
• Vision and mission statements – preparing for the future
• Business analysis and contingency planning
• Strategic choice
• Converting the SWOT analysis into the “Strategy Matrix”
• Strategy formulation – programmes, projects, policies
• Transforming the organization – strategy implementation and managing change
• Mini-case and group discussion – major strategic re-orientation
• Review of Day Two
Assessing current state of the organization
• Leadership and management in relation to strategy
• Customer and market focus
• Human resources and knowledge management
• Building a strategic planning team
• Effective process management to achieve business results
• Monitoring and measuring business performance
• Mini-case and group discussion – a market entry problem
• Review of Day Three
Avoiding the pitfalls of strategic planning
• The strategy life-cycle and the problem of strategic drift
• Getting innovative thinking into the organization
• The potentially negative dimensions of success
• How to avoid “paralysis by analysis”
• Overcoming inability to evaluate fresh ideas, denying the truth and thinking inside the box
• The critical importance of teambuilding and teamwork
• Mini-case and group discussion – how and why a good organization can go bad
• Review of Day Four
Personal strategic planning
• Applying strategic tools and techniques to the individual
• Personal goal setting, creating a personal strategic plan
• Implementing change – achieving progress as a strategic manager
• The mix of competencies and personal skills required in 21st century business
• Executing strategy – how to break it down and get it done
• Developing inspiration and gathering support
• Overcoming adversity by leveraging your skills and building on success
• Conclusion – a personal role in the strategic planning and goal setting processes

Who Should Attend ?

Specialist Managers
Operational Managers
Team Leaders


june 19 (Monday) - 23 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
Vaccination Required
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