Strategic Workforce Planning

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• Define workforce planning within the context of human resources management
• Explain how HR planning is related to the overall strategic plan of the organization
• Identify the economic concepts of demand and supply and how they apply to the labor market
• Apply forecasting tools to the demand and supply of different types of human resources, both in terms of quantity and quality
• Recognize the relationship of HR planning to the staffing process
• Describe why an understanding of the external labor market is important in workforce planning
• Formulate staffing strategies to fill labor gaps whether shortages or surpluses
• Apply budgeting techniques for workforce planning


Introduction to Workforce Planning
• Strategic Workforce Planning
• Benefits of Workforce Planning
• The Difference between Workforce Planning and Succession Planning
• Potential Obstacles and Challenges
• Commonwealth Leadership and Stakeholders
• Agency Roles in Workforce Planning

obtain strategic direction and identify workforce-related operational challenges
• Use Agency Workforce Data
• Meet with Leadership and Senior Management
• Identify Workforce Planning Targets

Assess the Talent Gap
• Analyze the Current Workforce
• Identify Future Workforce Needs
• Establish the Talent Gap

Select Potential Mitigating Strategies and Develop an Agency Action Plan :-
• Identify Strategies Within the Control of the Agency
• Identify Strategies Outside the Immediate Control of the Agency
• Identify Expected Results and Measures to Assess Progress
• Develop your Agency Action Plan
• Debrief from the Workforce Planning Process

implement and Monitor the Agency Workforce Plan
• Develop a Project Plan
• Determine Impact of Anticipated Change(s)
• Implement the Project Plan
• Revise and Expand the Workforce Plan

Solution Toolkit: Strategies for Skill Development
• Cross Training and Job Rotation
• On the Job Training (OJT)

Solutions Toolkit: Strategies for Recruitment
• Internships/Fellowships
• Private/Public Co-op Programs
• Recruitment

Solutions Toolkit: Strategies for Retention
• Affinity Groups and Diversity Councils
• Alternative Work Options
• Career Planning
• Conducting EXIT Interviews
• Conducting Stay Interviews
• Mentoring and Coaching

Who Should Attend ?

Recruitment and workforce planning managers and specialists, HR professionals and strategy analysts, general HR management and business partners. This course is also useful to corporate planning managers who want to make sure their strategies are implemented successfully


may 27 (Monday) - 31 (Friday)




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Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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