Sulfur Recovery And Troubleshooting

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• Evaluation and selection of processes to remove acid gases (H2S, CO2, COS, CS2, mercaptans, etc) from gas and NGLs
• The advantages and disadvantages of available gas treating technology and processes
• How to estimate solvent circulation rates, energy requirements and equipment sizes
• Recognize and evaluate solutions to common problems
• Sulfur recovery technologies, including an overview of the Claus Sulfur process
• How to select the proper sulfur recovery process given differing process conditions


 Gas Sweetening
• General Considerations
• Types of Contaminants
• Process Selection and Classification
• Chemical Reaction Processes
• Chemistry
• Process Flow
• General Design Criteria
• Design Guidelines
• Amine Processes
• Process Flow Differences
• Common Amine Solutions
• Physical Solvent Processes
• Combination (Chemical and Physical) Processes
• Alkaline Salt Processes Chemistry
• Batch Processes
• Iron Sponge
• ChemSweet
• Sulpha-Check
• Sulpha-Treat
• Zinc Oxide – PURESPEC
• Molecular Sieve
• Iron Chelate processes
• LO-CAT Process
• SulFerox Process
• Membrane Separation
• Liquid Hydrocarbon Treating
• Caustic Wash
• Operating Problems
• Selective Sweetening Systems
• New Technology Developments
• Materials for Sour Gas Service
• Review: Computer Simulation Programs
• Example Calculations and Problems

 Sulphur Recovery
 Claus Process Considerations and Modifications :-
• Reaction Furnace,
• Waste Heat Recovery
• Catalytic Converters
• Sulphur Condensers
• Reheat Methods
• Process Control
• Tail Gas Handling

 Incineration
 Clean-up :-
• Continuation Process
• SO2 Recovery Process
• H2S Recovery Process
• Direct Oxidation Process
• Liquid Redox

Who Should Attend ?

All those working in the petrochemical, oil and gas process industries with a need to understand the complete gas sweetening sulphur recovery and natural gas production. The course will serve as an introduction to gas technology for those who are unfamiliar with it but will also assist those who need the ability to progress to a detailed knowledge of some part of the gas processing technologies.
These will include geoscientists, petroleum engineers, production engineers, trainee process engineers, plant operators and economists.


may 8 (Monday) - 12 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
Vaccination Required
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