Work & Office Leadership for Executive Secretaries & Office Managers

202422aprAll Day26Work & Office Leadership for Executive Secretaries & Office Managers

Course Details


• Define and apply the new roles of executive assistants and administrators to meet modern challenges
• Use technology to get more done and to stay connected with the office and their boss
• Plan and organize work flow effectively by filing, documenting, sorting, indexing, and retrieving corporate documents in the most appropriate manner
• Create quality standards for a motivating and productive office environment
• Demonstrate a better command of the English language including the meaning and spelling of words, grammar, and the rules of writing
• Identify and improve the competencies they require to keep generating added value services
• Take on independent or leadership roles, work in teams when needed, and interact confidently with peers, direct managers and executives.
• Utilize excellent communication skills to be even more impactful in the workplace
• Structure their workload for optimal performance and results, using effective time management strategies
• Build effective relationships with direct managers by adapting to different working styles
• Manage conflict as well as understand and influence colleagues using Emotional Intelligence (EI)


Building on existing skills
• The role of an office professional in the 21st century
• Communication skills and techniques
• Confidence as a tool
• Assertiveness in the workplace
• Time management under pressure
• Organizational skills

Mastering data management, indexing and archiving
• Mastering filing systems
• Secrets to organize files better
• Electronic archiving

Records management
• The records and information cycle
• Common problems in records management
• Rules for indexing personal and business names
• Cross referencing personal names

Creating a motivating and productive office environment
• Design and productivity
• Dealing with and managing diversity
• Steps to great time management
• Dealing with difficult bosses
• Inbox zero: managing emails effectively

Managing the workload
• Task planning
• Prioritizing the workload
• Understanding the business – the big picture
• Taking control of the workload
• Change management in the work environment
• Effective goal setting

Communicating effectively
• Active listening
• Effective business letter writing
• E-mail writing
• Minutes writing
• Note writing
• Report writing

Powerful presentation skills
• Creating presentations
• Winning the room
• Presentation styles

Managing relationships
• Image and perception management
• Effective working relationships
• Working styles
• Having valuable meetings
• Being a team player
• How and when to delegate

Emotional intelligence
• Understanding and influencing behaviors
• Expressing needs and opinions with clarity
• Giving and receiving feedback
• Resolving conflict
• Utilizing empathy to achieve a common goal

Organizing meetings
• Elements of an effective meeting
• Preparing the agenda
• Meeting common time wasters
• Taking minutes of meetings
• Responsibilities of meeting leaders and participants

Who Should Attend ?

senior and junior secretaries and other administration-related office professionals


april 22 (Monday) - 26 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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