Instrumentation Control and Fault Analysis in Electrical Power Systems

202409decAll Day13Instrumentation Control and Fault Analysis in Electrical Power Systems

Course Details


• Understand the various types of fault currents
• Determine the causes of overcurrent and short circuit current
• Explain differences between power system faults
• Analyse the common faults in a power system
• Configure multifunction relays to protect the power system
• Know protection simulation
• Know the partial discharge analysis and detection as case study


Introduction to Fault Analysis
• Source of fault current in an electrical installation
• Common fault statistics of electrical equipment
• Short-circuit rating of equipment
• Selecting the correct switchgear rating for fault duties
• Overview of per-unit system and one-line diagrams
• Sources of impedance data for all items of plant

Power System Faults
• Power system faults
• Faults calculation and using software for verification
• Partial discharge analysis
• Cables subjected to short-circuit currents
• Surge and lighting faults
• Grounding system to increase power system reliabilities

Power Systems Faults due to Nonlinear Loads
• Overview of symmetrical components and faults
• Consideration of various fault types
• Linear loads and nonlinear loads
• Harmonic analysis
• K factor in transformers
• Power factor correction

Protection System
• Short circuit current calculation
• Protection relays according the IEC standards
• High set, low set, and inverse -timed elements
• Co-ordination with other devices and fuses
• Auto-reclosing of feeder circuit breakers
• Various types of overcurrent relays

Simulation, Computer Calculations and Analysis Techniques
• Simulation for GE advanced relay (Practical Session)
• Power system relays
• ANSI code
• Different method to reduce the faults in power system
• Using software for fault calculation and analysis
• Failure mode effective analysis FMEA explanation

Who Should Attend ?

• Electricians
• Design electrical engineers
• Electrical supervisors
• Plant electricians
• Operations & maintenance engineers, supervisors & technicians
• Maintenance technicians


December 9, 2024 - December 13, 2024 (All Day)(GMT+03:00)



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