Oil & Gas and Process Engineering, Mechanical & Maintenance

april 2024

202422aprAll Day26Laboratory Instruments Calibrations and Troubleshooting Techniques

may 2024

202405may(may 5)9:25 pm09(may 9)9:25 pmMechanical Operation and Maintenance of Process Plant Equipment

202406mayAll Day10Polymers Production And Processing

202406may(may 6)9:28 pm10(may 10)9:28 pmAdvanced Mechanical Maintenance

202413may(may 13)9:21 pm17(may 17)9:21 pmIntroduction to Static Equipment (Valves, Pressure Vessels, Piping and Heat Exchanger)

202420may(may 20)9:13 pm24(may 24)9:13 pmIndustrial Equipment and Turbomachinery: Pumps, Compressors, Turbines and Motors

202420may(may 20)9:32 pm24(may 24)9:32 pmCentrifugal Pump and Compressor Design and Performance

202427may(may 27)9:34 pm31(may 31)9:34 pmDiagnostics, Maintenance and Repair of Oilfield Equipment

june 2024

202427may(may 27)9:34 pm31(may 31)9:34 pmDiagnostics, Maintenance and Repair of Oilfield Equipment

202402jun(jun 2)10:29 pm06(jun 6)10:29 pmHydraulic Control Circuit Maintenance and Troubleshooting

202403junAll Day07Process Reactors - Operation, Troubleshooting, Start-Up and Shutdown

202403jun(jun 3)10:31 pm07(jun 7)10:31 pmValve Selection and Maintenance

202403jun(jun 3)10:34 pm07(jun 7)10:34 pmCrane Operation and Inspection

202410jun(jun 10)10:25 pm14(jun 14)10:25 pmStorage Tank Design, Construction, Inspection and Maintenance

202410jun(jun 10)10:36 pm14(jun 14)10:36 pmRotating Equipment Vibration and Monitoring

202424junAll Day28Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries

202424junAll Day28Distillation - Column Operation, Control & Troubleshooting

202424jun(jun 24)10:23 pm28(jun 28)10:23 pmRotating Equipment, Compressors and Pumps: Operation, Control and Troubleshooting

july 2024

202401jul12:11 am05(jul 5)12:11 amPractical Boiler Plant: Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

202408jul(jul 8)12:09 am12(jul 12)12:09 amHVAC Design, Operation, and Maintenance

202414jul(jul 14)12:06 am18(jul 18)12:06 amAnalytical Prevention of Machinery Failure, Pm and Troubleshooting of Plant Rotating Equipment

202415jul(jul 15)12:04 am19(jul 19)12:04 amOperation and Maintenance of Lifting Equipment

202422julAll Day26Heat Transfer Equipment Heat Exchangers Furnaces Boilers

202422jul(jul 22)12:13 am26(jul 26)12:13 amCoupling, Gear Boxes, Bearings and Lubrication and Mechanical Seals

202422jul(jul 22)12:15 am26(jul 26)12:15 amAir Conditioning Systems Design, Selection, Operation and Troubleshooting

august 2024

202404aug(aug 4)12:19 am08(aug 8)12:19 amFailure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Reliability Centered Maintenance

202405augAll Day09Loading arms types maintenance & Troubleshooting used in petrochemical industry

202405augAll Day09Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries

202405aug(aug 5)3:32 pm09(aug 9)3:32 pmFacility integrity and Technical Audit Training

202412aug(aug 12)12:21 am16(aug 16)12:21 amWater Desalination Technologies and New Development

202412aug(aug 12)12:23 am16(aug 16)12:23 amThe Principles and Techniques of Process Operation, Start Up, Shutdown and Troubleshooting

202419aug(aug 19)12:17 am23(aug 23)12:17 amPipeline Pigging, In-Line Inspection and Integrity Assessment: Practical and Operational Aspects (API 1163)

202419aug(aug 19)12:25 am23(aug 23)12:25 amFundamentals of Oil and Gas Industry Operations

202426aug(aug 26)12:27 am30(aug 30)12:27 amOffshore Wellhead Operations

september 2024

202401sep12:10 pm05(sep 5)12:10 pmTroubleshooting Process Operations and Control

202402sepAll Day06Common Refinery & Oil Field Pumps

202402sep(sep 2)12:07 pm06(sep 6)12:07 pmCrude Oil Custody Transfer

202409sep(sep 9)12:12 pm13(sep 13)12:12 pmTypes, Operation and Design Flares

202416sep(sep 16)12:14 pm20(sep 20)12:14 pmSecurity Fire and Loss prevention and Emergency Management

202423sepAll Day27Surface Production Operations

202423sep(sep 23)12:16 pm27(sep 27)12:16 pmFire and Gas Detection and Alarm System Training (FGS)

202423sep(sep 23)12:19 pm27(sep 27)12:19 pmOSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards

october 2024

202407oct(oct 7)1:08 pm11(oct 11)1:08 pmHazard Analysis and Risk assessment

202407oct(oct 7)3:30 pm11(oct 11)3:30 pmComputerized Maintenance and Materials Management System

202414oct(oct 14)1:11 pm18(oct 18)1:11 pmBasic Fire Fighting

202414oct(oct 14)1:12 pm18(oct 18)1:12 pmIncident Investigation for Supervisors and Engineers

202421oct(oct 21)1:16 pm25(oct 25)1:16 pmSite Security Surveys Training

202421oct(oct 21)1:14 pm25(oct 25)1:14 pmSafety Training to Handle Fire Extinguisher and Manage Fire

202427oct(oct 27)1:05 pm31(oct 31)1:05 pmAccident Analysis and Statistical Techniques

november 2024

202403novAll Day07Control and Safety in Gas and Oil Complex Industries

202404nov(nov 4)2:58 pm08(nov 8)2:58 pmManaging Safely, Risk Assessment and Control

202411novAll Day15Rotating Equipment Introduction & Maintenance to Gas Turbines, Pump & Compressor

202411nov(nov 11)3:00 pm15(nov 15)3:00 pmModern Security Management in Process Facilities

202418novAll Day22Maintenance and Troubleshooting of Ups Systems (Uninterrupted Power Supply) and Battery Power Supplies

202418novAll Day22Utility and Infrastructure Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Renovation For Civil Engineers

202418nov(nov 18)3:28 pm22(nov 22)3:28 pmMachinery Root Cause Failure Analysis (RFCA)

202425novAll Day29Electrical Installation Techniques, Testing, Handover, Operation and Maintenance

202425nov(nov 25)3:06 pm29(nov 29)3:06 pmElectrical Equipment and Safety: Operation, Control, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

december 2024

202402decAll Day06Applied Process Engineering Elements

202402decAll Day06Rotating Equipment Introduction & Maintenance to Gas Turbines, Pump & Compressor

202402dec(dec 2)3:16 pm06(dec 6)3:16 pmTroubleshooting and Maintenance of Power Distribution Equipment

202409decAll Day13Instrumentation Control and Fault Analysis in Electrical Power Systems

202409dec(dec 9)3:18 pm13(dec 13)3:18 pmElectrical Hazard, Risks and Emergency Shutdown Systems

202416decAll Day20Mechanical Equipment Maintenance & Piping Systems Advanced

202416decAll Day20Production Performance Enhancement

202416dec(dec 16)3:21 pm20(dec 20)3:21 pmMaintenance Planning, Scheduling and Work Control (Maintenance Management Professional) - SMRP Certification

202422dec(dec 22)3:13 pm26(dec 26)3:13 pmSystem Earthing and Protective Earthing in Utilities and Industrial Electrical Networks

202423decAll Day27Fault Analysis in Electrical Power Systems & Advanced Maintenance

202423decAll Day27Develop and Analyze Production Reports & Achieving Operational Excellence

202423dec(dec 23)3:23 pm27(dec 27)3:23 pmFailure Mode Effect and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) Facilitator Skills Training

202423dec(dec 23)3:25 pm27(dec 27)3:25 pmCorrosion Inhibitors Training