Management & Leadership

may 2024

202420mayAll Day24Leading with Emotional Intelligence : Psychology of Leadership

june 2024

202403junAll Day07The Leadership Journey - Communication, Innovation and Vision

202403junAll Day07Leading Under Pressure Managing Organizational & Personal Crises

202410junAll Day14Effective Business Decisions Using Data Analysis

202410junAll Day14Setting KPIs & Goals for Effective Job Performance

202424junAll Day28Developing User Requirements The Key to Project Success

202424junAll Day28Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Setting Business Goals, Targets & Deliverables

july 2024

202408julAll Day12Management Skills & Techniques (Effective Goal Setting, Planning & Task Management)

202415julAll Day19Decision Analysis For Operation & Maintenance Professionals

202424julAll Day28Authentic Leadership Courage, Coaching & Ethics

202424julAll Day28Essential Skills for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors

august 2024

202412augAll Day16Leadership Development for Engineers: Motivating, Coaching and Conflict Management for Superior Performance

202419augAll Day23Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive Skills

202426augAll Day30Decisions, Dynamics & Leadership Styles

september 2024

202402sepAll Day06Business Analysis for Project Success: Enhance Essential Knowledge, Ideas and Methodologies

202402sepAll Day06Executive leadership skill & strategic planning for achieving the goals

202409sepAll Day13Leadership Mastery: Realizing your Leadership Potential through Self Discovery

202416sepAll Day20Advanced Conflict Resolution and Change Management Strategies

202416sepAll Day20Managing and Leading Strategic Communication: Public Relations, Marketing and Internal Communication

202416sepAll Day20Improving Productivity & Employee Engagement through Effective Frontline Leadership

202423sepAll Day27Competency Development and Managerial Excellence for Maintenance Supervisors

october 2024

202407octAll Day11Organizing and Behavioral Skills for Administrative Professionals - Executive Secretaries

202407octAll Day11Management Skills & Techniques - Effective Goal Setting, Planning & Task Management

202414octAll Day18Organizing and Behavioral Skills for Administrative Professionals - Executive Secretaries

202414octAll Day18Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

202414octAll Day18Leadership and Team Development for Managerial Success

202421octAll Day25Performance Management - Setting Objectives and Conducting Appraisals

202421octAll Day25Team Leadership & Supervision: a Competency Based Approach

november 2024

202418novAll Day22Managing Multiple Tasks, Priorities & Deadlines

202418novAll Day22Driving Performance through Talent Management

202425novAll Day29Managing Employee Performance, Behavior & Attitudes

202425novAll Day29Advanced Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

december 2024

202402decAll Day06Managerial skills Development and the art of dealing with stress

202409decAll Day13Developing Behavioral & Leadership Skills for Managers

202416decAll Day20Facility Manager