Mastering Sales & Marketing in the Age of New Social Media

202409decAll Day13Mastering Sales & Marketing in the Age of New Social Media

Course Details


• Implement strategies to engage customers through social media marketing
• Integrate social media marketing tools into existing marketing plan
• Determine which social media channels best fit organisational marketing objectives
• Explain how social media marketing differs from traditional marketing
• Describe best practices and rules of engagement for online sales and marketing


Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing Strategies
• Course overview and learning objectives
• Are you keeping up with changing technology?
• How social media marketing differs from traditional marketing
• Benefits of using social media marketing
• The history of social media
• The 4 Ps of media marketing
• Avoiding common mistakes in social media marketing
• Case study: Best Practices of Social Media Sales and Marketing
• Social media’s impact on customer service
• Leveraging Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Linkedin marketing
Principles of Persuasion to Enhance Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
• What is the difference between Sales and Marketing?
• Marketing and selling to the four customer buying styles
• Body language skills to enhance video presentations
• Active listening skills development
• How to use questioning skills to identify customer expectations and service requirements
• Keys for designing a multi media sales presentation
• The power of online customer testimonials
• How to turn visitors into customers with conversion optimization
• Sell with emotion not logic
Creating a Social Media Marketing Strategy
• 8 marketing trends to implement in your marketing plan
• 5 steps to building your social media marketing plan
• Using SWOT for social media market analysis
• Creating website content
• Market segmentation
• Porter’s 5 forces
• Building brand loyalty
• How to make a video go viral
Measuring and Monitoring Social Media Campaigns
• Benefits of measuring social media effectiveness
• Monitoring your organisation’s reputation online
• Breakout session: Action Planning for Reputation Damage Control
• Define strategy, objectives, priorities, and goals
• 10 steps to measure the effects of social media
• Increase Search Engine Optimization
• Top 12 social media monitoring tools
• Case study: Best Practices for Measuring and Monitoring Social Media
Professional Development for Continuous Improvement
• Practical exercise: Developing Your Action Plan
• Your attitude makes a difference
• Setting SMART objectives
• Practical exercise: Setting Personal Development and Business Goals
• Time management tips to improve daily productivity
• Stress management strategies for peak performance

Who Should Attend ?

Sales & Marketing Professionals
Business Development Team Members
Customer Service Professionals
Team Leaders & Supervisors
HR & Training Professionals
Accounts Personnel
Public Relations Professionals


December 9, 2024 - December 13, 2024 (All Day)(GMT+03:00)



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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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