Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills

202407octAll Day11Project Scheduling and Cost Planning Skills

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 Maintain continuous project performance and delivery control
 Accurately estimate and allocate project costs and resources
 Measure, forecast and control project performance by employing earned value techniques
 Manage and mitigate schedule, cost, scope, and resource risks associated with the project
 Develop a project recovery plan for budget and schedule overruns


Project Estimating Basics
 Basic Project Management definitions
 Triple Constraints – Time, Cost, Scope
 Project Selection Methods
 Defining the Project Scope
 Cost & Schedule Estimation, cost Budgeting & Control
 Project Schedule Planning and Critical Path Method

Developing Project Budget & Schedule Control
 Project management inputs to cost budgeting
 Resource Requirements
 Direct & Indirect Project Costs
 Planning and Scheduling Limited Resources
 Options for Accelerating the Schedule
 Crashing the Schedule – How?

Managing the Risk
 Risk Identification, Analysis & Management
 Contingency Reserve
 PERT, Probability and Standard Deviation Formulae
 Network Activity Risk Profiles
 Application: Estimating Project Duration
 Project Risk Strategies

Measuring Project Performance
 Balanced Project Schedule without Buffers (Finish-Start) and Inserting Buffers
 Comparison of Unbalanced with Balanced Schedules
 Measuring Planned Progress on Schedule
 Risk distribution in contracting
 Actual Progress and Work Conditions
 Managing Variable Conditions

Managing and Recovering Project Estimates
 Schedule Variances & Cost Variances
 Progress Control Charts – Trend Analysis
 Schedule and Cost Variance Forecasting
 Schedule and Cost Recovery Analysis
 Schedule and Cost Recovery Plan
 Project Recovery Baselines and Controls

Who Should Attend ?

hose who have a project role such as project managers, cost estimators, project schedulers, project designers, project planner, contract professionals, project procurement and purchasing staff, and project control and business services professionals who have the responsibility for preparing cost / schedule estimates and project proposals in client and contracting companies
Senior managers who want to understand best practice in project management
Those who are interested in knowing more about estimation and control in a project environment


October 7, 2024 - October 11, 2024 (All Day)(GMT+03:00)



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Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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