Advanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety

202328augAll Day01sepAdvanced Warehouse Management, Warehousing Performance Measures, Storage Control & Safety

Course Details


• Define the role and objectives of their Warehouse’s role within an organization
• Understand the importance of Performance Measurements in an overall perspective
• Appreciate the importance of storage control and safety of personnel
• Improve their competence in the area of warehouse operation
• Evaluate and implement value-added activities in warehouse operations
• Understand the concept of storage and preservation of inventory


Warehouse Operations and Logistics Best Practices
The Role of the Warehouse in an Organization
• The need for a warehouse and its value creation
• Functionalities of the operations,
• Effective of warehouse in supply chain
• The distinct characteristics between sorting and storing
• Initial questions to ask about warehousing activity
Product Classification
• Understanding FSN tool and making them work for warehouse management
• Understanding ABC Analysis or the 80/20 rule in relations to warehousing
• Categorizing product handling groups
• Throughputs and product formats
Optimizing Warehouse Operations Workflows
Layout Options
• Understanding receiving options
• Planning Storage options
• Organizing Picking / assembly options
• Optimizing dispatching options
• Using the floor and the height space
Methods and Equipment
• Warehouse structures
• Loading bays
• Selecting fork lift trucks
• Selecting racking
• Implications for warehouse layouts
• Operational timings and planning
Safety and Risk Management in Warehouse Operations
Health and Safety
• Responsibilities and duty of care in warehouse Operations
• Inspections and risk assessments-task analysis
• Equipment and inventory preservation, maintenance and care
• Raising people’s awareness in warehouse safety and security
Security and Loss
• Security issues in minimizing internal theft
• Minimizing external theft
• Preventative measures
Asset Tracking Best Practices for Warehouse Operations
• Understanding Inventory receipts
• Identifying inventory issues
• Managing Surplus and obsolescent stock
• Stock checking programs
• Reviewing current procedures and polices
Inventory Performance
• Appreciating Inventory Assessment in organisation
• Assessing the stock level
• Models for implementing inventory control
• Determining stock targets
• Inventory KPI’s in warehouses / stores
Design Criteria for Warehouse Accreditation
Warehouse Layout
• Different types of layout with advantages and disadvantages
• Planning for flow in the warehouse
• Checklists to help on deciding the best option

Who Should Attend ?

Warehouse Operators
Operations Team Leaders
Logistics and Supply Chain Professionals


August 28 (Monday) - September 1 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
Vaccination Required
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