Decisions, Dynamics & Leadership Styles

202426augAll Day30Decisions, Dynamics & Leadership Styles

Course Details


• Gain a greater awareness of yourself and your full leadership potential
• Refine your leadership styles for the benefit of your team and department
• Develop adaptability in dealing with different people
• Enhance decision making skills in employees
• Apply effective decision making skills in solving problems


• Gaining Insights into your Leadership Styles
 How Perception influences our leadership style
 Understanding our personality
 Personality and leadership style
 Improving our strengths & managing our weaknesses
 Maximizing our interpersonal relationship with others
 Removing emotional and mental blind spots

• Developing Decision Making Skills
 Using your left brain & right brain to make decisions
 Split brain theory for developing effective problem solving skills
 Developing openness to new ideas in making decisions
 Promoting idea mobility in teams
 Understanding the creative solving process in individuals and teams
 IDEAL problem solving approach

• Applying Effective Decision Making Skills in the Workplace
 Encouraging creative problem solving for continuous improvement
 Removing blocks to creative problem solving
 Convergent versus Divergent Thinking
 Divergent Thinking Skills for solving problems
 Using SCAMPER techniques to approach problem solving
 Applying SCAMPER techniques to make effective decisions

• Overcoming Mental Blocks to Decision Making
 Challenging self-imposed assumptions
 Metaphorical thinking
 Increasing new ideas
 Getting people behind your ideas
 Evaluating new ideas
 Creative leadership

• Effective Leadership to Develop Dynamic Problem Solving in the Team
 Ensuring alignment with corporate mission
 Encouraging self-initiated activity
 Endorsing Unofficial activity
 Enhancing Serendipity
 Importance of appreciating diverse stimuli
 Practicing within-company communication for problem solving
 Developing a personal action plan

Who Should Attend ?

Those in leadership roles
Managers and executives
Team leaders
Those seeking to develop dynamic leadership skills


August 26, 2024 - August 30, 2024 (All Day)(GMT+03:00)



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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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