october, 2021

202110octAll Day14Developing Personal Effectiveness with Positive SkillsOnlineCourses:Management & Leadership

Course Details


• Understand and develop personal and interpersonal effectiveness
• Identify ways to move from negative thought patterns to positive and motivating patterns
• Understand how to become more disciplined and personally effective
• Demonstrate the factors which may empower or disempower ourselves and others
• Understand how to release new drive and motivation in their lives and working environment


Mind Empowerment
• What does the word “think” really mean?
• The importance of thought before action
• Understand the power of your conscious subconscious mind
• Realize the power of your imagination
• Understanding positive and negative thought patterns
• Creating a disciplined character
• How to deal with disempowering thinking.
• How to use the Replacement Principle.
• How to create a disciplined character.

Self-Image Empowerment
• Learning to fully understand yourself
• Success through raised self-esteem
• How your perceived image affects others
• The power of determining choices
• How you create ‘reality’ in your mind
• How the human brain processes events
• Discover the one prime cause for success or failure in life.
• Release yourself from other people’s expectations.
• Check your train of emotional thought.

Attitude Empowerment
• Understanding and adapting our attitude to situations
• How to maintain a right Attitude?
• Learning from positive achievers
• Listen to, and read motivational materials
• Enjoy the medicine of real laughter
• Develop a fresh and new attitude to everything
• What is the 85% x 15% attitude success factor?
• Have a fresh and new attitude in everything you do.
• How to create a disciplined character.

Word and Appreciation Empowerment
• The motivational power of words
• Improving your positive vocabulary
• When you speak you may reveal your thoughts
• The psychological needs of man
• The importance of gratitude and appreciation
• Learn how to express appreciation
• How to make wise decisions.

Motivation Empowerment
• What motivates you and others?
• What happens when you are personally motivated?
• What does motivation achieve?
• Why we may lose motivation
• Key factors for successful people
• How to be action orientated and proactive
• Learn the 3 major steps of motivation empowerment.
• Develop and proactive life style.

Who Should Attend ?

Delegates who want to achieve more through becoming more effective
Managers who are being prepared for promotion or higher levels of responsibility
Delegates who may be considering new projects or additional assignments
Managers who are looking to refresh their skills when working with others
Leaders who need to communicate vision more effectively for better results


october 10 (Sunday) - 14 (Thursday)




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