Effective Expediting: Monitoring, Controlling and Improving Timely Supplier Deliveries

202416sepAll Day20Effective Expediting: Monitoring, Controlling and Improving Timely Supplier Deliveries

Course Details


• Expedite and co-ordinate a range of projects
• Understand Effective Expediting and the use of tools and techniques
• Understand the overall procurement and supply process
• Evaluate the nature and frequency of expediting vs a purchase order
• Understand the difference between activity and progress
• Create effective communications with many groups during the delivery period
• Apply expediting skills, knowledge and understanding against a model profile


Overview of the Total Procurement Process
• What is the role of Procurement and Purchasing?
• Understand the types and frequency of expediting for purchase orders
• Evaluate the activities and deliverables expedited during delivery of an order
• Supplier Relationship Management
• Supplier Positioning

Developing a Pro-Active Role for Desk Expeditors
• Understanding Critical Activity
• Record keeping and reporting
• Personality, Persistence & Persuasion
• Effective expeditor
o Getting the Right Attitude of Mind
o Developing Personal Skills

Evaluating Transportation for Effective Expediting
• The Role of Transportation in Logistics
• International Commercial Terms in transportation and the liabilities
• Customs documentation and management
• Hazardous materials, Health & Safety and
• Emergency Management

Vendor Rating/Performance Measurement
• Quantitative and Qualitative Methods
• What Should We Measure?
• Performance Weighting
• Vendor Rating Models
• Contractual Performance Levels
• Performance Improvement

Legal Aspects of Expediting
• Common Law and Legislation
• How the Law Impacts on Purchasing
• Formation of Contract
• Sale of Goods
• Damages
• Penalty Clauses, Liquidated Damages

Who Should Attend ?

Expeditors working in company offices – and those that visit suppliers’ premises during the delivery period
Staff in end-user departments – to understand the difficulties of getting on-time deliveries
Staff in logistics roles – to see ways their activities interface with effective expediting
Newly engaged Procurement and Supply staff – to understand the ‘post-order’ activities as part of their Induction programme


September 16, 2024 - September 20, 2024 (All Day)(GMT+03:00)



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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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