Introduction to Static Equipment (Valves, Pressure Vessels, Piping and Heat Exchanger)

202413may(may 13)9:21 pm17(may 17)9:21 pmIntroduction to Static Equipment (Valves, Pressure Vessels, Piping and Heat Exchanger)

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Introduce a team of fresh Mechanical Graduates, with different backgrounds, to various static equipment used in oil & Gas industry; particularly an overview of basics of heat exchange and exchangers; valve types and their applications; construction and operation of separators, reactors, columns, filters, scrubbers, knockout drums and other pressure vessels, tanks, flares and flare systems and P&ID presentation of equipment, piping and flanges.


You will learn how to:

  • Define and describe the principles and application of thermodynamic work, energy, efficiency, fluid flow, heat transfer and machines.
  • Describe the structural and foundation concepts and its impact on equipment performance and the typical mounting interface used for
  • supporting rotating equipment and outline mounting interface options.
  • Define the cause and effect of different types of vibrations, how to collect accurate data on them and how to mitigate them in machinery.
  • Define the basic principles of centrifugal action in pumps and compressors and describe how these principles achieve and limit performance, efficiency, vibration and heat.

Describe how a pumping/compression system is evaluated and why it is a prerequisite to selecting a pump/compressor.


Introduction to heat transfer and heat exchangers

  • General classifications of heat exchangers
  • Codes & Standard
  • Shell & Tube HE
  • Heat transfer
  • Vibration
  • Pressure drop
  • Installation of HE
  • Operation of Heat
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Inspection and cleaning of HE Valves
  • Introduction to valves:
  • Types of valves:
  • Valve construction:
  • Valves actuators:
  • Valves maintenance.
  • Valve troubleshooting.
  • Valve repair. Piping & flanges
  •  Purpose of piping and their material classification (metallic, non-metallic)
  • Flanges and gaskets
  • Pump piping
  • Losses of flow in piping Pressure vessels
  • Separator, design & application
  • Filter, design & application
  • Scrubber, design & application
  • Columns, design & application

De-aerators, design

Who Should Attend ?

Maintenance team Mechanical Engineering, Technicians & operators.


13 (Monday) 9:21 pm - 17 (Friday) 9:21 pm(GMT+03:00)



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