Management Skills & Techniques (Effective Goal Setting, Planning & Task Management)

202303julAll Day07Management Skills & Techniques (Effective Goal Setting, Planning & Task Management)

Course Details


• Use simple frameworks for planning, including allocating and managing priorities, scheduling work, working proactively and reactively and project planning
• Understand and develop skills necessary to get assigned work completed on time.
• Use basic planning project tools to plan work strategy
• Set goals and targets effectively and efficiently
• Learn how to establish and maintain task deadlines
• Understand the characteristics of colleagues who assist in our work assignments
• Develop positive interpersonal techniques for better management of our work
• Learn how to plan work balancing the constraints of time, cost, scope and quality
• Understand the role of stakeholders in a project and learn techniques of stakeholder management
• Develop techniques to deal with organizational change, including delegation and empowerment
• Develop communication and human interaction skills with others
• Understand and develop skills necessary to set goals in a strategic and organizational context
• Consider methods of improving decision making
• Understand how delegation can be used in setting of goals and planning
• Identify decision making processes and how they impact on organizations
• Develop the ability to make higher quality decisions as individuals and teams


Our changing world – personal assessment
• What do I hope to achieve?
• How will I achieve it?
• What has changed in work and life?
• What other changes can we expect?
• How do we manage this?
• What are the implications for me and for others?
• Balancing life and work
Why time matters and how your use of time affects others
• How am I using my time?
• What are my time wasters?
• Time logging
• Why do I put things off?
• Ways that other people use time
• Time lines – how do I view time?
• How does my use of time affect others?
Work planning and project management
• Work management methods diagnostic
• Pressures on work plans – time, quality, cost
• The planning process
• Planning work in progress
• Analysing and managing risk
• Contingency planning
• Problem solving techniques
Practical techniques for managing time wasters
• Managing paperwork, real and virtual
• Managing travel
• Managing meetings
• Making the best use of the phone.
• Using the diary – the key time management tool.
• Managing Interruptions
Making it all work
• Work planning practical
• Debrief
• Testing your plan
• Analysing your strengths and needs
• Developing your personal development plan

Current Status of Setting Goals, Planning and Decision Making
• Introductions
• Course purpose, goals and objectives
• Overview and context of organizational change and the impact on goals, planning and decision making
• Understanding of the current status of the organization, team and personal work
• Review of management processes and skill areas
• Using a planning process to set goals and get work started
Importance of Goal Setting and Planning Management
• Integrating goals, scope, work structure and management planning
• Identifying initial resource requirements
• Identifying risk techniques that affect work assignments, priorities and deadlines
• Communication that responds to: who, what where, when, how, why
• Understanding the importance of quality planning in work assignments
Setting Priorities and Making Decisions in the Planning Process
• Using planning to ensure task priorities are established
• Planning for time management, scheduling and meeting deadlines
• Integrating the functions into a final work plan
• Improving communications and listening skills
• Planning for delegation responsibility and authority
• Techniques for making good decisions
Working with Your Team
• Identifying skills required to obtain the help of others
• The importance of group skills to achieve team success
• The importance of interpersonal skills in making personal and team decisions
• Empowering the team through delegation and decision making
• The importance of effective communication in team relations
Developing Personal and Team Change Action Plans
• Innovation and improvement for personal and team change
• Identification of change processes and human change
• Techniques to set personal and team change goals
• Dealing with people who do not want change
• Developing an action plan for personal and team change

Who Should Attend ?

Team Leaders / Supervisors
Administration Executives


july 3 (Monday) - 7 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
Vaccination Required
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