Mechanical Equipment Maintenance & Piping Systems Advanced

202416decAll Day20Mechanical Equipment Maintenance & Piping Systems Advanced

Course Details


• Understand the safe design and operation of pressurized process equipment
• Follow the procedure for inspection and testing of process equipment
• Apply the fundamental concepts and strategies to prevent failures
• Use the best practices of FFS to estimate the remaining life of operating equipment
• Select the methods of repair and alteration of pressurized process equipment


Overview of Design Features of Process Equipment and Piping System
• General Concept of Safety in Design: Codes and Standards
• Design Features of Pressure Vessels and Storage Tanks
• Design Features of Piping Systems
• Design Characteristics of Fluid Handling Equipment
• Design Characteristics of Thermal Equipment
• Overpressure Protection of Equipment

Overview of Operation Issues of Components of Process Equipment
• Safe Operation of Process Equipment: Integrity Operating Window
• Over-pressuring of Process Equipment
• Uncontrolled Runaway Chemical Reaction
• Overheating of Boiler Tubes
• Abnormal Operation of Fluid Handling Equipment
• Vibration of Piping Systems

Failure Modes and Fracture Mechanisms
• Characteristics of Material Used for Construction of Process Equipment
• Material Degradation Processes
• Causes of Failures of Process Equipment and Piping Systems
• Failure Modes
• Fracture Mechanisms
• Lessons Learnt from Major World Equipment Failures

Design and Operation of Fluid Handling Equipment
• Condition Monitoring
• Inspection and Testing Techniques: API 572, API 510, API 570
• Risk Based Inspection (RBI): API 580
• Fitness for Service Assessment: API 579/ASME FS1
• Failure Evaluation and Calculation of Component Remaining Life
• Failure Prevention Methods

Repairs, Alterations and Rerating of Process Equipment
• Classification of Repairs
• Repair Best Practices for Pressure Vessels and Other Equipment
• Rerating of Pressure Vessels
• Hot Taping and Line Stopping
• Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Who Should Attend ?

• Process, Mechanical and Chemical Engineers
• Operation and Maintenance Engineers
• Project Engineers
• Supervisors and Managers
• Technical Personnel involved in inspection


december 16 (Monday) - 20 (Friday)(GMT+03:00)



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Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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