Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

202414octAll Day18Strategic Planning, Development and Implementation

Course Details


• Develop the three key strategic agendas for leaders – Intellectual, Managerial and Behavioral.
• Enhance and improve your own and your organizations strategic thinking and ability to envision powerful strategic futures.
• Generate and support effective strategic thinking at all levels in the organization.
• Identify the most effective balance of Operational Excellence and Breakthrough Strategic Performance.
• Identify critical strategic issues and opportunities.
• Priorities issues based on their capacity to enable real value creation.
• Lead and motivate teams and businesses in diverse, turbulent and complex environments


Understanding The Strategic Environment
• Understanding the strategic leadership agenda – intellect, management and behaviors
• Recognizing and interpreting forces in the strategic environment
• Understanding strategic inflection points and strategic scenarios
• Analyzing and prioritizing strategic issues
• Formulating strategic vision and expressing strategic intent
• Developing a strategic roadmap

Understanding Strategic Models and Paradigms
• The strategic journey – common models and frameworks for strategic thinking .
• Identifying strategic horizons and using the 7S framework
• Recognizing and developing the characteristics of strategic agility
• Understanding and leveraging strategic competences and skills

Effective Strategic Implementation
• Strategic implementation tools and frameworks
• Structures and systems for strategic agility and performance
• Monitoring and adjustment
• Measurement, analysis and knowledge management

Strategic Leadership
• Preparing for the future
• Effective styles and practices for strategic leadership
• Recognizing, analyzing and developing the strategic leadership styles used by you and others
• Developing inspiration and motivation
• Communicating the roadmap and gathering support

Driving Strategic Performance & Success
• Transforming the organization to enable strategic success
• Balancing the focus on performance and strategy
• Spreading leadership capabilities throughout the organization
• Maximizing organizational learning and knowledge transfer to embed strategic success

Who Should Attend ?

Those who want to develop their strategic skills
Those who may be moving into supervisory or managerial positions
Those seeking ‘refresher’ to enhance their leadership & management skills
Senior leaders who wish to further develop and enhance their strategic capabilities


october 14 (Monday) - 18 (Friday)(GMT+03:00)



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Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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