Surface Production Operations

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• A practical understanding of all the fundamental field treating facilities: what they are, why they are needed, how they work
• The properties and behavior of crude oil and natural gas that govern production operations
• Field processes for treating and conditioning full well stream production for sales or final disposition
• The basics of oilfield corrosion prevention, detection, and treatment
• Internal workings of separators, pumps, compressors, valves, dehydrators, acid gas treatment towers, and other treating equipment
• A wide range of produced fluid measurement and metering devices
• A description of treating equipment whether located on the surface, offshore platform, or sea floor


• Properties of fluids at surface
• Flowlines, piping, gathering systems; solids and liquid limits
• Oil – water- gas – solids – contaminants
• Separation and treatment
• 2-3 phase separators, free water knockouts, centrifugal, filter
• Storage tanks, gun barrels, pressure/vacuum relief, flame arrestors
• Stabilizers
• Foams, emulsions, paraffins, asphaltenes, hydrates, salts
• Dehydrators
• Water treaters: SP packs, plate interceptors, gas floatation, coalescers, hydrocyclones, membranes
• Acid gas treatment: coatings, closed system, chemicals, solvents, conversion; stress cracking
• Valves: all types; regulators
• Pumps/Compressors: centrifugal, positive displacement, rotary, reciprocating, ejectors
• Metering: orifice, head, turbine, and others
• Corrosion/Scales: inhibition and treatment

Who Should Attend ?

All field, service, support, and supervisory personnel having interaction with Facilities Engineers and desiring to gain an awareness level understanding of the field processing of production fluids


september 11 (Monday) - 15 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
Vaccination Required
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