System Earthing and Protective Earthing in Utilities and Industrial Electrical Networks

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o   Learn the basic principles of grounding of electrical systems

o   The function of the power system grounding and the various options available

o   Fundamental principles in the design of grounding systems in substations

o   How to solve static electricity-related hazards by grounding and bonding


Day 1: Overview

·        Basics of grounding

·        Bonding

·        Role of grounding in lightning protection

·        Ground electrodes and factors affecting their efficiency

·        Grounding issues in outdoor substations

·        Grounding for static charges

·        Surge Protection

·        Importance of grounding in mitigation of noise in sensitive circuits

·        Importance of Local Codes

Day 2: Power Supply System Grounding

·        Types of System grounding

·        Ungrounded systems

·        Solidly grounded systems

·        Impedance grounding using neutral reactor

·        Resonant grounding using neutral reactor

·        Impedance grounding through neutral resistance

·        Classification of supply systems based on grounding

·        Point of grounding

·        Other challenges

Protective Grounding

·        Electric shock, its cause, and effects

·        Direct and indirect contact

·        Touch and step potential

·        Role of protective grounding in minimizing the shock hazards

·        Equipotential bonding

·        Protective grounding conductors and installation

·        Ground fault protection

·        System classification based on system/protective grounding

Day 3: Ground Electrode Systems

·        Soil resistance and factors affecting soil resistivity

·        Measurement of soil resistivity

·        The resistance of ground electrode and distribution of resistance in surrounding soil layers

·        Electrode current capacity

·        Ground electrode configurations

·        Parallel electrodes

·        Parallel electrodes

·        Ground electrode resistance measurement

·        Chemical electrodes

·        Concrete encased electrodes and splicing methods

·        Corrosion of buried electrodes

·        Grounding system maintenance

Day 4: Substation Grounding Design

·        Grounding practices

·        Basic design approach

·        Calculating the ground fault current

·        The ground potential rise in HV systems

·        Grounding design in LV and MV substations/installations

·        Grounding grid design for HV/EHV substations – A step-by-step approach

·        Introduction to a 2-layer soil model

·        Transferred potential and ways of avoiding

·        Points needing special attention in substation grounding design and for GIS equipment

·        Design of substations containing converter equipment feeding to HVDC transmission systems

·        Ensuring effective substation grounding – Important aspects

Static Electricity and Protection

·        What is static electricity and how is it generated?

·        Examples of static charge build-up and its dangers

·        The energy of spark due to static electricity

·        Ways of controlling the static build-up

·        Risk assessment and preventive measures

Day 5: Grounding for Lightning Protection of Buildings and Structures

·        The physics of lightning

·        The lightning incidence in different landmasses

·        Lightning strike probability

·        Lightning protection

·        Planning for protection and decision factors

·        An improved approach to lightning protection and non-conventional systems

·        Effect of lightning strikes on electrical installations

Surges and Surge Protection

·        Surges, their causes, and mitigation

·        The ways by which surges couple into electrical circuits

·        Bonding of grounding systems

·        The basic principle of surge protection and commonly used surge protection devices

·        Graded surge protection

·        Selecting appropriate surge protective devices and their positioning in a system

·        Importance of correct grounding practices for sensitive equipment

·        Other ways and devices for mitigating surge problems

·        Comparative merits of different types of SPDs for sensitive equipment

·        Hybrid surge protective devices

·        Surge protection of telemetry and data communication systems

Electrical Noise and Mitigation

·        Definition of electrical noise

·        How are sensitive circuits affected?

·        Noise categories

·        Noise from power electrical equipment

·        Noise coupling into signal circuits

·        Noise mitigation measures

·        Role of proper grounding in reducing noise

Who Should Attend ?

·        Instrumentation and Control Engineers

·        Consulting Engineers

·        Electrical Engineers

·        Project Engineers

·        Maintenance Engineers

·        Power System Protection and Control Engineers

·        Building Service Designers

·        Data Systems Planners and Managers

Electrical and Instrumentation Technicians


December 1, 2024 6:13 pm - December 5, 2024 6:13 pm(GMT+03:00)



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