The Leadership Journey - Communication, Innovation and Vision

202403junAll Day07The Leadership Journey - Communication, Innovation and Vision

Course Details


• Understand the real meaning of leadership
• Become a master of communication and influence
• Create and harness the power of vision and visualization
• Motivate and inspire people
• Learn how to have a magnetic personality
• Create momentum and urgency within yourself and others


• Leadership
 What is true leadership, lessons from the past masters
 Modern leadership and its impact on business
 Human behavior, predictable outcomes
 The new business reality and its impact on us all
 Force field analysis and the comfort zone
 Employee mentality versus entrepreneurial spirit
 The equalizer effect
 Leaders versus managers
• Vision
 The strangest secret
 How to create a vision
 How to harness the power of vision through visualization
 Psycho cybernetics and its connection with vision
 Goal setting the key to making vision a reality
 The mastermind group
 Positive mental attitude, gaining power from a strong vision
 Linking vision to mission and values
 Vision timeline, mathematical coaching model

• Communication
 Discover your communication style
 Identify other peoples communication style
 Learn how to motivate and influence each of the style
 Body language
 The 5 levels of listening
 Advanced questioning techniques
 Selling your ideas and vision
 How to get buy in from others
 Selling your ideas through excellence in communication
• Innovation
 How to create a culture of innovation
 How to engage your people to generate new ideas
 Left brain, right brain and innovation
 Creative thinking and problem solving
 Suggestion boxes, and reward criteria
 Quantity versus quality on innovation projects
 Sticky note innovation
 Absolute versus desirable criteria
 Using multi disciplined employees to gain width and depth
 Using innovation to reduce costs
• Influencing skills
 The relationship bank account
 The 10 guaranteed deposits
 Confidence is king
 The give to get ratio
 The fire within, Enthusiasm
 Time to get passionate
 The BE. DO .GET model
 The pipeline principle

Who Should Attend ?

High potential individuals about to undertake a leadership role
Leaders wishing to re-examine their understanding of leadership
Individuals who lead key business initiatives
Professionals seeking to lead with influence rather than authority


june 3 (Monday) - 7 (Friday)




Health Guidelines for this Event

Masks Required
Physical Distance Maintained
Event Area Sanitized
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