Troubleshooting and Maintenance of Power Distribution Equipment

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o   Refresh of Electrical Fundamentals & Basics (Power types, power factor, inductance

o   The fundamentals and basics of generators.

o   How to control frequency and voltage?

o   Gain knowledge of synchronization methods and conditions;

o   The earthling system for generators.

o   The different protection needed for generators.

o   Understand practical power distribution fundamentals & Different layouts.

o   Determine short-circuit ratings quickly and effectively

o   Assess the influence of fault levels on switchgear ratings

o   Select the correct type of switchgear for the right application

o   Evaluate the advantages of modern state-or-the-art switchgear protection for your applications, including most recent information

o   Correctly utilize and protect power transformers

o   Assess and specify correct grounding throughout your electrical network

o   Understand the electrical characteristics of various electrical faults

o   Recognize modern protective relays and understand their basic operation

o   Appreciate the characteristics and importance of voltage transformers and current transformers in achieving dependable and accurate electrical protection systems

o   Understand the concept of protection system discrimination and appreciate its importance in improving the security of supply

o   Comprehensive understanding of principles and selection of protection relays and protection schemes

o   Understand diagnostic testing and inspection, advanced fault detection techniques, critical components, and common failure modes.

o   Study selection criteria, commissioning requirements, predictive and preventive maintenance, reliability, testing, and cost.

o   Discover the maintenance required to minimize their operating cost and maximize their efficiency, reliability, and longevity


·        Introduction & Overview to Electrical Power Distribution networks

·        Review Electrical Fundamentals.

·        Power system components.

·        Distribution network layout & configurations.

·        Bus bars configurations.

·        Choice of transmission voltage.

·        Cables & overhead transmission distribution lines.

·        Electrical drawings & diagrams.

·        Voltage disturbances to Power networks.

·        Power Quality Specifications IEEE 446.

·        Condition Based Monitoring for Electrical Distribution Equipment

·        insulation Resistance Monitoring.

·        Insulation resistance test (IR).

·        Components of DC Leakage Current.

·        Megger test.

·        Polarization index test.

·        AC & DC hi-pot test.

·        Measuring insulation degradation.

·        Insulation power factor.

·        On line measuring partial discharge activity for insulation.

·        PDA Curves.

·        On-Line Monitoring of Transformers.

·        Local Indications.

·        Thermography

·        PDA – Partial Discharge Analysis.

·        Insulating Oil Properties and Tests

·        Test for Dielectric Strength.

·        Water Content in Oil.

·        Acidity Test (Neutralization Number).

·        Oxidation Inhibitor.

·        Interfacial Tension Test (IFT).

·        Oil Color.

·        Oil Power Factor Test.

·        Insulating Oil Dissolved Gas Analysis (DGA).

·        Generator Fundamentals Maintenance, Testing and Trouble Shooting

·        Generator Basics & principle of operations.

·        Synchronous Generator Construction.

·        The Speed of Rotation of a Synchronous Generator.

·        The Internal Generated Voltage of a Synchronous Generator.

·        The Equivalent Circuit of a Synchronous Generator.

·        The Phasor Diagram of a Synchronous Generator.

·        The Synchronous Generator Operating Alone.

·        The Effect of Load Change on a Synchronous Generator Operating Alone.

·        Parallel Operation of AC Generators.

·        The Conditions Required for Paralleling.

·        The General Procedure for Paralleling Generators.

·        Frequency-Power and Voltage-Reactive Power Characteristics of a Synchronous Generator.

·        Operation of Generators in Parallel with Large Power Systems.

·        Synchronous Generator Ratings.

·        The Voltage, Speed, and Frequency Ratings.

·        Apparent Power and Power-Factor Ratings.

·        Synchronous Generator Capability Curves.

·        Generator excitation and voltage control.

·        Preventative Maintenance & Trouble Shooting.

·        Transformer Fundamentals, Maintenance, Testing and Troubleshooting

·        Principles of Transformers.

·        Saturation Curve & Voltage Ratio of Transformers.

·        Current Ratio & Impedance of Transformers.

·        Transformer Construction.

·        Transformer losses and efficiency.

·        Transformer Cooling & Types.

·        Transformer Polarity & Vector group.

·        Transformer Applications

·        Transformer Accessories.

·        Maintaining Transformers.

·        K-Factor Transformers.

·        Dry & Oil types.

·        Preventative Maintenance.

·        Transformer Inspection.

·        Transformer Liquids.

·        Dielectric Test.

·        General Testing.

·        Other Important Tests.

·        Transformer Failure.

·        Disassembly for Inspection.

·        Common Transformer Abnormalities.

·        Transformer Oil Tests.

·        Fault Analysis.

·        Earthing Systems

·        Introduction.

·        Equipment Earthing.

·        System Earthing.

·        Unearthed systems.

·        Solid earthing.

·        Resistance earthing.

·        Reactance earthing.

·        Classification o Supply / Installation System Earthing.

·        Earthing Via Neutral Earthing Compensator.

·        Distribution transformers.

·        Zig Zag transformer

·        Comparison of Methods (Advantages/Disadvantages).

·        Evaluation of earthing methods.

·        Testing the earthing electrode Resistance & Earthing grids.

·        Circuit Breaker Fundamentals, Maintenance, Service, Testing and Troubleshooting

·        Switching Operations & TRRV.

·        Breaking & Making currents.

·        Fundamentals, features, merits & Demerits of breakers.

·        Air Circuit Breakers.

·        Vacuum Circuit Breaker.

·        SF6 Circuit breaker.

·        Oil Circuit Breaker Ratings.

·        Fuses & Is-limiters.

·        Trip Circuit Supervision.

·        Circuit-Breaker Control.

·        Low Voltage Circuit Breakers (ACB, MCCB & mcb).

·        HV Circuit Breakers Maintenance.

·        H.V Circuit-Breakers Tests. 

·        Low voltage Circuit Breaker Maintenance. 

·        Protection and Protective Relays

·        Instrument Transformers (CT & VT).

·        Electrical Faults and Protection Schemes and Principles, Purpose of protective relays, Over current and Earth Fault protection, etc….

·        Fuses, High breaking Capacity Fuses (HRC).

·        Generator protection schemes.

·        Feeder protection cable feeders and overhead lines.

·        Transformer protection schemes.

·        Switchgear (busbar) protection.

·        Motor protection relays.

·        Coordinated distribution networks.

·        Recommended protection schemes of international standards and some brand name manufactures (Siemens, Schneider, etc…).

·        Case Studies

Who Should Attend ?

Engineers and Technicians with Electrical Backgrounds from Electrical Power Utilities Companies, Manufactures, Engineering professionals, Petrochemical Companies, and Commercial Buildings are recommended to attend. Participants need specific requirements other than a basic understanding of Electricity and Magnetism and knowledge of nature and operation of Power supply and distribution system.


2 (Monday) 3:16 pm - 6 (Friday) 3:16 pm(GMT+03:00)



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