Events at this location


202301mayAll Day05Strategic Workforce Planning

202301mayAll Day05Laboratory Instruments Calibrations and Troubleshooting Techniques

202308mayAll Day12Security Procedures and Integrated Skills Program for Security Officers during Crisis

202308mayAll Day12Polymers Production And Processing

202308mayAll Day12Sulfur Recovery And Troubleshooting

202315mayAll Day19Office Management and Effective Administration Skills (Office Management Professional)

202315mayAll Day19Public relation Business Etiquette, Protocol and Guest's relation

202315mayAll Day19Hydrocarbon Process Operation

202322mayAll Day26Upstream Petroleum Contracts, Accounting, Auditing Policies and Procedures

202322mayAll Day26Leading with Emotional Intelligence : Psychology of Leadership

202322mayAll Day26Work & Office Leadership for Executive Secretaries & Office Managers


202305junAll Day09The Leadership Journey - Communication, Innovation and Vision

202305junAll Day09Leading Under Pressure Managing Organizational & Personal Crises

202312junAll Day16Effective Business Decisions Using Data Analysis

202312junAll Day16Setting KPIs & Goals for Effective Job Performance

202319junAll Day23Distillation - Column Operation, Control & Troubleshooting

202319junAll Day23Strategic Planning & Goal Setting: Setting Business Goals, Targets & Deliverables

202319junAll Day23Advanced Selection, Interviewing & Recruitment Skills

202319junAll Day23مهارات تحليل العقود ومراجعتها وتصحيحها واكتشاف العقد المعيب


202310julAll Day14Manpower Organization, Succession Planning & Trend Analysis

202310julAll Day14Health and Safety in Construction Projects: Legislation, Safety Plans, Occupational Health and Assessment

202317julAll Day21Heat Transfer Equipment Heat Exchangers Furnaces Boilers

202317julAll Day21Writing Effective Legal Documents and Commercial Contracts

202324julAll Day28Authentic Leadership Courage, Coaching & Ethics

202324julAll Day28Essential Skills for Oil & Gas Managers & Supervisors

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