Courses Oil & Gas and Process Engineering, Mechanical & Maintenance


202420may(may 20)9:32 pm24(may 24)9:32 pmCentrifugal Pump and Compressor Design and Performance

202427may(may 27)9:34 pm31(may 31)9:34 pmDiagnostics, Maintenance and Repair of Oilfield Equipment


202427may(may 27)9:34 pm31(may 31)9:34 pmDiagnostics, Maintenance and Repair of Oilfield Equipment

202402jun(jun 2)10:29 pm06(jun 6)10:29 pmHydraulic Control Circuit Maintenance and Troubleshooting

202403junAll Day07Process Reactors - Operation, Troubleshooting, Start-Up and Shutdown

202403jun(jun 3)10:31 pm07(jun 7)10:31 pmValve Selection and Maintenance

202403jun(jun 3)10:34 pm07(jun 7)10:34 pmCrane Operation and Inspection

202410jun(jun 10)10:25 pm14(jun 14)10:25 pmStorage Tank Design, Construction, Inspection and Maintenance

202410jun(jun 10)10:36 pm14(jun 14)10:36 pmRotating Equipment Vibration and Monitoring

202424junAll Day28Distillation - Column Operation, Control & Troubleshooting

202424junAll Day28Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries

202424jun(jun 24)10:23 pm28(jun 28)10:23 pmRotating Equipment, Compressors and Pumps: Operation, Control and Troubleshooting


202401jul12:11 am05(jul 5)12:11 amPractical Boiler Plant: Operations, Maintenance and Troubleshooting

202408jul(jul 8)12:09 am12(jul 12)12:09 amHVAC Design, Operation, and Maintenance

202414jul(jul 14)12:06 am18(jul 18)12:06 amAnalytical Prevention of Machinery Failure, Pm and Troubleshooting of Plant Rotating Equipment

202415jul(jul 15)12:04 am19(jul 19)12:04 amOperation and Maintenance of Lifting Equipment

202422julAll Day26Heat Transfer Equipment Heat Exchangers Furnaces Boilers

202422jul(jul 22)12:13 am26(jul 26)12:13 amCoupling, Gear Boxes, Bearings and Lubrication and Mechanical Seals

202422jul(jul 22)12:15 am26(jul 26)12:15 amAir Conditioning Systems Design, Selection, Operation and Troubleshooting


202404aug(aug 4)12:19 am08(aug 8)12:19 amFailure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Reliability Centered Maintenance

202405augAll Day09Loading arms types maintenance & Troubleshooting used in petrochemical industry

202405augAll Day09Production Planning & Scheduling in Petroleum Refineries

202405aug(aug 5)3:32 pm09(aug 9)3:32 pmFacility integrity and Technical Audit Training

202412aug(aug 12)12:21 am16(aug 16)12:21 amWater Desalination Technologies and New Development

202412aug(aug 12)12:23 am16(aug 16)12:23 amThe Principles and Techniques of Process Operation, Start Up, Shutdown and Troubleshooting

202419aug(aug 19)12:17 am23(aug 23)12:17 amPipeline Pigging, In-Line Inspection and Integrity Assessment: Practical and Operational Aspects (API 1163)

202419aug(aug 19)12:25 am23(aug 23)12:25 amFundamentals of Oil and Gas Industry Operations

202426aug(aug 26)12:27 am30(aug 30)12:27 amOffshore Wellhead Operations


202401sep12:10 pm05(sep 5)12:10 pmTroubleshooting Process Operations and Control

202402sepAll Day06Common Refinery & Oil Field Pumps

202402sep(sep 2)12:07 pm06(sep 6)12:07 pmCrude Oil Custody Transfer

202409sep(sep 9)12:12 pm13(sep 13)12:12 pmTypes, Operation and Design Flares

202416sep(sep 16)12:14 pm20(sep 20)12:14 pmSecurity Fire and Loss prevention and Emergency Management

202423sepAll Day27Surface Production Operations

202423sep(sep 23)12:16 pm27(sep 27)12:16 pmFire and Gas Detection and Alarm System Training (FGS)

202423sep(sep 23)12:19 pm27(sep 27)12:19 pmOSHA: Occupational Safety and Health Administration Standards

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